Happy Birthday New Blog.. Today You Are Born

Well I have officially closed up shop at Life & Ramblings and this will be my new blog, where hopefully I update more often as I am trying to do a little more of this writing thing.

As I mentioned, the name of this blog is inspired by a song quote (a line from Jay-Z’s Renegade to be exact hehe) and describes my frame of mind at this point in time.

“Taking the road less traveled”, “off the beaten path”… have all become cliches in this day in age. Sorry Robert Frost, I’m sure it was innovative at the time and once spoke deeply to me but nowadays it seems that everyone is trying to take the road less traveled and stay off the beaten path. Now they are all beating a new path together and the road less travel is pretty well worn.

I like the idea of driving right on past the fork in the road, and creating a new road all together. One that has never been traveled before, where the first footsteps are my own. And it is starting by not even knowing where the hell I am going, but just having faith that I know the destination when I arrive.


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