Okay well something a little inspiring

I was using my ever so amusing Stumble Upon task bar thingy and came across http://www.thechangeblog.com

An entry about dreams to be exact…

I was very inspired by this:

Lately I have started to again dream like I did as a child. And from this I have come to one powerful realization: let go of the need to know how. When I analyzed my own thoughts, I found the problem was that I would quickly discount my dreams as mere fantasies because I could not immediately imagine how these dreams would become reality. But the truth is, just because our minds don’t immediately know how we will accomplish something, it doesn’t mean it is impossible.

It may be uncomfortable to let go of this need to know how as this can leave you feeling vulnerable or silly. But if we are to dream to our full potential, it is essential that we develop trust in our own intuition. This means we should dream wildly without trying to know how these dreams will become reality. Instead, we need to simply trust ourselves to find a way there by using our own intuition.


Isn’t that f’ing brilliant?  It is so simple to the mind (light bulb moment…you know you know, but you didn’t know you knew…yeah) but yet so profound.

I can’t tell you how many dreams I have just disregarded b/c I couldn’t work out the HOW in my mind.

Somehow as an adult… I lost the concept of dreaming (even if it was just to dream) because I was overwhelmed with the reality of how, if it could ever happen, how it would happen, when, ect, ect.  It seemed silly just to dream based on the fact that I felt there was no way it could ever become reality.

As a child… and a teenager I would have all these wonderful dreams… in fact I had quite a rich daydreaming world, daydreaming is something I rarely do now, just because then everything and anything was possible.  I believed in this concept that anything was possible mainly because I was still a child who had not yet started her life… until then, anything and everything was possible.  It could all really happen.  I didn’t need a how then, because I could figure it out later.  Until then I could reap the riches of these dreams and pursue them mentally & emotionally.

Then all these dreams started dying.  One by one.  They started dying because I started asking how.  I started asking how because I entered this world where I was expected to have answers…. well if you want to do that..HOW are you going to do it.  Damn, thanks for raining on my parade assholes.

Sure, if the dream is to come true… the how needs to come into play..eventually.  But getting immediately hung up on the how and then ending the dream early because it seems impossible, even ridiculous is doing noone any favors.  I wonder if I can dream like I once did?


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