The other day I gave myself a little challenge to undertake.  While walking Nacho, I decided that I was going to smile and say hello to every person I made eye contact with along the way.  I don’t normally come off as friendly to strangers… so this would indeed be a challenge.  But I did it, even if at times it made me feel a wee bit uncomfortable b/c well, this was just not me.  Only one person did not say hello back, but she at least smiled.  I just started thinking… gee I love it when other people are friendly, why shouldn’t I be?  Being that nice, happy, friendly person… that can’t hurt anybody.

I carried my experiment on past Nacho’s walk and on into the next day and the next… and shall continue to carry it on in small ways.  No, I’m not smiling and waving hello to every person I pass in the aisles of Walmart lol.  But I am just learning to be a nicer person in general.


The little birdies have finally discovered the bird feeder outside.  About time, it has only been hanging there for months!!!


3 weeks since I embarked on the quitting smoking journey.  I feel compelled to write a longer post later devoted to that b/c apparently people are finding my blog while searching for quitting smoking stuff… so I feel compelled to share my experience so far with them.


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