I want to live in a house (and some tangent about dogs)

My blog desperately needs a new header but I guess I better save that task for when I am some what alive so I can actually be compelled to put some effort into it.

I have decided that when it gets time for our lease to be up at our current place, I want to look for a house to rent instead. Apartment living is detrimental to my sanity on so many levels.  Despite doing it now for 6 years I simply cannot adjust to it to a level that I feel content.

Our first 2 places were perhaps a little easier to adjust to because I could go outside on my BALCONY… which provided a nice buffer zone between myself and the neighbors and any neighbor children.

The next 2 places… no balcony, no patio, no nothing.  Stuck in box.

Current place…patio yes… but still a box.  A box with a tiny outlet.  I can’t escape neighbors.  I can’t escape neighbor children.  I can’t escape neighbor children running by and scaring the shit out of my dog.  Or neighbor children that come up running behind my dog, scare the shit out of my dog, and then beg me pet him when I don’t want them touching my dog precisely for the reason that they just scared the shit out of him.  I know they are children, but damn there is nothing wrong with teaching them how to be respectful of other people AND ANIMALS.

Speaking of such, that is one of my biggest peeves… the fact that parents don’t teach their children how to respect animals.  Yes it totally does matter.  I am not saying every child that gets bit by a dog or cat asked for it, some animals are psycho and are not to be trusted around children or people in general… but there are also cases out there when children are not taught how to treat animals and they do something to get bit when the animal was giving them warning signs long before the bit or growl or snarl or snap occurred.

I don’t think my dog would ever bite or hurt anybody.  He is much much much too passive.  However he does get startled and scared, especially by little kids running up on him.  A lot of dogs do.  Because kids are loud and fast.  The last thing I need is a growl or something and then being known as the woman with the mean little dog.

I totally went off on something different there…but yeah.

Want to live in a house.  Even if it is a house still in the city, it is a house.  With any luck I could get a house with a bit of a yard.  Just a small one.  I want more than 3 feet between me and my neighbors. I don’t want anyone living below  me.  Or above me.  I don’t want to look out my peep hole and be able to see who is at my neighbor’s door instead of my own.

Living in an apartment has been weighing so heavily on me, especially in the past year.

I would love to BUY a house but I don’t think either of us are ready for that.

Right now all I want is to escape the apartment lifestyle.  And all the shit that has come with it.  Living in this box is killing me.


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