Plans for first week of 101 in 1001

It feels kind of funny to think about the first 7 days of 1001day lol

What I want to end up accomplishing with this, is to change some habits in my life, be more comfortable with goals and plans and be able to mark my progress.

This first week:

I plan on paying off a couple of credit cards, and maybe paying down a couple others.

Making a digital scrapbook page. I am not sure of what yet.

Take my vitamins.

Read a book.

Exercise 4x.

Start my gratitude journal back up.

Watch a movie. (Batman Begins, me thinks..finally since it has been sitting on the coffee table waiting for me since last month!)

Listen to an album. (Newest Nas album perhaps)

Trying cooking a couple new things.

Remember to take reusable bag to store and maybe try my hand at making a few too.

Comb out the dog.

Start exploring recycling options for my city.

Pick a day to be smiley.

Bust out a pattern before classes start.

Do a photoshop tutorial. (Might play with some to make a banner for the blog)

Do a drawing lesson.

Learn a new word.  IMPECUNIOUS!  Having no or little money, usually habitually; penniless

Create an illustrated discovery journal page.

Get back to working on my anxiety stuff.

Take a picture everyday worthy for my Flickr account.

Take some pics of Ki & I

Do something nice for Ki.

Seems like a lot lol… I’m interested in seeing how it goes and finding out if I need to tweak anything.


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