Beauty in Strangers

I don’t know if I will count it for my one day this week of making a conscious effort to smile at strangers or other people I meet, because I only went one place today, to the gas station to get some tea. But when I went up to pay for it, I usually don’t really make that much eye contact & stuff with the cashiers. But today I greeted the man behind the counter with eye contact and a smile and told him hello. As I left I made eye contact and smiled and told him thank you and very sincerely enjoyed the simple contact I had made with another human being. His own smile seemed very sincere and I noticed that his eyes were very shiny and very smiley… like he had spent a large amount of his life being happy. He honestly seemed very happy just to have done his job that day. I left the gas station feeling really good about the ever so simple encounter. I lifted my own spirits to see someone who looked so happy. It also made me wonder how many times I may have missed that before by not being warm & inviting myself.


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