I’ve decided to hold off getting myself a DSLR until perhaps next semester.  As much as I would like one and would like to jump right into learning it, currently I am thinking the money is better well spent elsewhere.  Also if I waited it would probably give me better options about what camera to by… because if I had to decide on that right now, well I probably would go nutty.

I decided I want a laptop.  Well I was even thinking about a new desktop.  Our desktop is crap.  I can barely do anything on it anymore just b/c there is simply not enough room for everything.  We have 3, count them THREE, external harddrives, and yet the damn computer can’t handle the shit that is already on it.  Granted it is a older one, actually given to us when I fried our old one about 4 years ago… so yeah, in computer terms, our desktop is pretty ancient.

So I toyed with the idea of a desktop…. but I want a laptop!  True, I was drooling at some of the nice gaming computers I saw last night, but really…I’m not that hardcore of a gamer.  And I hate being confined to this one little area at the desktop.

So I’m wading through different laptop options and feel just as confused as ever.  I keep feeling drawn to the HPs that have the expandable RAM… b/c a fast computer damned near makes me orgasm *teehee*.. but really… I don’t need anything ridiculously fast…just fast.



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