Well first week in and I am sucking at the daily & weekly stuff I wanted to do for my 101 in 1001 project.  Fun times.  I don’t know with school starting know if I am going to be able do to all those things…. I might have to reformat my list to make for fewer little busy things… we’ll see.  Maybe see how this week goes and then decide.

Ki bought a new computer desk to get rid of the gigantic one that we have had for years so I don’t have to worry about organizing the computer desk now… that one got crossed off my list all on its own haha.  But the filing cabinet could still use some organization I am sure.. especially now that we have a paper shredder to shred some stuff muahhaa

I marked off a little something else… I wore a dress for the first time in public in like forever.  It is a cute dress and I felt all girly and stuff.  It is strange that when I was a little girl I used to wear dresses nearly everyday of my life and now you’re really super lucky if you ever catch me in one… basically I’m not normally going to wear one unless I have too… which is rare.

School starts this week and although I really should be staring at my registration for last minute changes, since I don’t have classes for Monday, maybe I’ll spend most of the afternoon doing that.

I’m hoping with school starting it will keep me as busy as I hope and that I will feel good about everything and do great this year.  Yeah… go me.

I got my laptop like I wanted.  It is a pretty sweet laptop and I am rather happy with it.  It is rather kind of neat not to be tied to the computer desk when I want to check something online or even play my Sims hehe


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