I updated my 101 in 1001 list…after finally deciding that I was in fact not superwoman.

I took away a lot of the stuff that I had planned on doing weekly and made it a more doable monthly project or open ended to some extent.  Maybe it would have worked over the summer, but with school now, there is just no way I can do it without meeting epic failure.

I did dust the house in August so I guess I need to mark one month down for that lol

Same for getting the dog combed and bathed.  I realize that needs to be on my list to remind me… I get lazy about his baths and he looks so pathetic when he starts to get oily and ratty.

Learning a new word a week is doable and I would learn a lot more if I did it weekly but I retain more if I get to use a word more so I just figured, learn and use a new one each month.  It’s not like I don’t learn new words nearly everyday anyways to some extent so yeah.

I would consider Kiowa & mine game night the other night when we tried out the new Wii which I am super glad we got now b/c I heard they might even become more scarce thanks to some company saying Nintendo violated their copyright on the controller thing.


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