The anxiety aspect of this blog is gone… as are the days of me blogging, writing, or talking openly about what I have experienced in that department.  This will be my last open blog about that.  At this time, I think that it is better if I remove that aspect..sharing, venting, whining about anxiety… out of my life.  I realized it was no longer proving well for my mental health for me to continue doing such.  In fact, as I went through and deleted blog entries and postings about my mental health on other sites, I became increasingly disgusted about how much I actually did talk about it…or mostly vent about it the past month and a half or so and even before that. It is simply too determental to myself to continue to share this aspect.  I focus way too much on these issues, no wonder I am not feeling better.  In fact, I feel 10x better just realizing that I do this and that it is time to end my obsession with my own condition.  Sometimes, I think too much support for the anxious mind is almost a bad thing.  I don’t want people telling me it will all be okay and coddle me.  Maybe I need more people to tell me to snap the hell out of it and get on with living life instead of bitching about it all the time.  I’m no worse in that matter than the type of people I despise who do similar things.


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