I’ve been acting really immature and self defeatist lately and today was just the kick in the pants that I needed.  As I walked around on campus to finally purchase my books I found myself looking around at all these people, going about their lives and enjoying this experience and realized that I have been missing out on so much.

Whenever I used to act that way when I was little my mom would sing to me the worm song “nobody likes me everybody hates me miswell eat some worms”… she was teasing me but in a way that would always make me laugh and realize I was being silly.  Maybe I should tell my mom to call me up randomly and sing that song to me.

I realize what others have been faced with, and they have not carried on as much as me.  It makes me feel selfish and self centered.  And I don’t like feeling like that, but at the same time, I’m glad it made me feel that way… so I can put up and shut up.

My life is not bad by any means.  I have so much, and yes I do take it for granted.  I want to be more grateful.

If nothing else, I’m not dying and I’m going to feel pretty silly one day when I am thinking of all the moaning I did when I was a perfectly healthy capable person.

It’s like saving the good dishes for only when you have company.  You have these great beautiful things to use and instead save them only for special occassions.  When you really could be enjoying the hell out of them right now.

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