Guess Who’s Pissed Off Again

I wonder if I’ll ever come to a point in my life in the near future when I’m not fucking grumpy.

Actually, I was beginning to become ungrumpy when my back was feeling better.  Now that my back is not happy, I am not happy either.

Because the trusted family chiropractor fell off the face of the earth, I was faced with finding a new one.  After nearly a dozen phone calls, I found one that sounded almost promising.  I went in today and left with absolutely nothing.  He did NOTHING but take xrays and charge me 95 bucks.  Nice.  Real nice.  Oh…and tell me he could probably help me but I would probably need to come in every other day for a week or so and then every other week and blah blah.

In the interest of fixing my fucking back…. and my breathing… and my mood.  Okay.  You know what, I’ll give him a chance and see what happens BUT I can’t do this every other day shit in the interest of cost and I’ll let him know that when I go back Monday.  Once a week would be more realistic to me.  That’s still like $140 a month IF he doesn’t want to try any crazy shit.  As opposed to like $140-$180 a WEEK or something.  It’s just not fucking realistic.  If he can’t understand that, well fuck him too I guess.

I guess I am most pissed about spending yet another weekend in pain.  I just wanted some relief today and none was found.  So I shall lay in my bed and be pissy.  I feel like I’m constantly waiting…waiting…waiting.  Waiting to feel better…waiting to be painfree.  Waiting.  Fucking waiting.


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  1. nikkiana
    Oct 24, 2008 @ 18:44:29

    And this is why I’m in general not thrilled with the chiropractic industry…. It’s hard to find an actual GOOD chiropractor because they vary so much in philosophy, attitude, practice, etc….


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