Egads homes

I am in so much pain, it is unbelievable.  I didn’t even know my back could get worse at this point but oh yes it can!

If there is a golden lining in all this madness it is the fact that I now know that my back is the issue and I’m not simply dying from some weird disease that no doctor can find and diagnose.  My breathing sucks.  It is bothersome.  But I keep reminding myself that it is in my back.  It isn’t that I can’t breathe.  It is that it hurts various areas to take a deep breath/yawn/can’t yawn..that kind of shit.

Having seen a chiro once, and that it DID help.  I know it can help again.  I know I’m not destined to live in pain forever but I have to get this fixed NOW…now that I know what it is.  Nearly a year and a half dealing with these symptoms has been way too long.  It sucks b/c you really wish you could go back and time..and not do this or that…that caused something bad to happen.

I have sucked the life clean out of my 101 in 1001.  Because of the issues I’ve been experiencing, I haven’t even really thought about it.  But I was having issues with my list anyways…I kept thinking of things that could/should be on there… trying to do too much in too little time…ect.  So I think this would be a wonderful oppurtunity for me to revise it and start again fresh, with clearer important goals in mind.


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