Future Plans

Oh yeah…while I’m thinking about.

I’ve thought about what I wanted to do since my plans for this semester are fucked.  Although, I guess in all reality, with it almost being November and all…it isn’t like I have a ton of time left wondering what I am going to do with it after all.

But…if I can get all this health issues/pain crap figured out to the point where I can function again…I’ve thought about 2 things.

It would be rather nice to get a part time job.  Even one to hold through school if I could when I go back.

But mostly what I would really like to do is take the time to do just a bunch of reading and learning about things I’ve always wanted to read and learn about it.  It’s kind of a way to rediscover me again.   I know it doesn’t sound like anything profound… it is and it isn’t.

It is because it is getting back to me and being comfortable again with having my knowledge be at the level I want it to be about things.  There’s so much I want to learn and discover.  Now is a good time to do that.


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