Crack the Back

So yesterday I went totally random again and went around calling chiropractors.  I mean surely there must be one other out there who wasn’t a totally quack, phony, or fraud.  My search led me back to my hometown, after learning I could get a free “consultation” I figured what did I have to lose.

Sparing the details, suffice to say this guy must have went on an acid trip in 1974 and never came back.  It was seriously a lesson in “if you want to feel normal, talk to somebody crazier than yourself.”  In that respect, I highly recommend him for your mental health.

I drove out to the vicinity of my first chiro’s office.  I figured if nothing more I could see if his office showed any signs of life since his phone just rang and rang.  Score… I detected some signs of life.  Lights were on.  He works out of a little store front office, no big fancy building.  I pulled out my phone and attempted to call again, seeing that I was detecting signs of life, I wondered if I would get an answer.  No avail.  I walked up and pulled on the door which was unlocked.  I didn’t see anybody in the office area but I knocked on a door I heard creak shut and his office help answered it.  She led me back to him.  He was there!!!!

He told me that he had not been taking calls and only doing walk ins and select number of appointments because of his health issues.  It *is* kind of crappy that he didn’t at least get a message on his phone stating this, or somebody answering his phone for him or something.  But I forgive him.  He is in pretty bad shape and I’m grateful he was there at all.  Seriously, I whine about my crap and there that guy is coming in to do chiropractic work on people when he is in pain.

I told him I just wanted to make an appointment but he offered me one right there on the spot.  He didn’t take mastercard/visa so when I told him I had no cash to pay him with today he simply jotted down his address and told me to mail it to him.  What an awesome guy.

Once again I finally have relief.  And I did also schedule another appointment and will be able to see him as I need to.  If something ever happens to this guy or he moves or something… that’s it, I’m done.  I will NEVER go to another chiropractor ever again in my entire life.  Experience has now taught me that that majority appear to be quacks and liars and I honestly can’t figure out how they go to sleep at night, but that’s another story.

It kind of pisses me off though, because if my mom would have just CALLED my freakin’ aunt and asked what was going on I could have known he was just doing walk in a week and a half ago or whatever and never gotten into the mess I did with the other guys and not ended up throwing away a decent amount of money.

I didn’t end up visiting my grandparents as I had thought about doing but I did go see my mom.  Also dragged my camera around with me to various areas and took some pictures.

When I got out of my car to take one picture, I noticed a large dog watching me from a nearby road.  I turned around to head back to the main highway and as I passed the house, a large Great Pyranese  came charging at my car.  He seriously missed my front wheel by no more than a split second.  I stopped my car and honked my horn.  The dog stood there barking.  I continued honking hoping someone would come out and get him.  Nobody did.  I honked and slowly inched my car forward.  The dog slowly trailed my car and I finally got him behind the car so I could take off.  He chased me for about 20 feet and gave up.  I’m so glad I didn’t run him over.  Not only would I have felt horrible, but with the size of the dog, it would have been like hitting a damn deer.

I don’t even remember falling asleep last night, I slept so well.  And today I just can’t wake up.


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