Well it looks like I already managed to screw up blogging everyday in November but not w/o good reason. **Edit…wait, not according to the date stamp on my blog I haven’t lol

Instead I spent part of the wee morning hours in the ER.

I woke up in excruciating pain. Like I know the 1-10 pain scale is like 10 getting your freaking arm ripped off… but this was seriously like an 8-8.5. At least that is how it felt to me. Do I even need to tell you what body part it was? Didn’t think so.

I got a bit chewed out by the ER doc for not seeing my regular doctor about all this. Well I see her shortly so she’ll get to hear all about it soon enough. The ER doctor also took issue with chiropractors. I was having bad muscle spasms, she told me if I wanted alternative therapy massage would probably be better. I was having numbness and tingling in my right arm and leg too. But since it came on and off, it’s basically probably a pinched nerve and will somehow have to heal.

I got a shot in the ass of muscle relaxer and pain killers. They kept me for about 45 minutes to make sure I didn’t react to anything negatively and that it helped.. I walked out of there feeling like my head was going to pop off and float away, in a nice way.

Also got a prescription of muscle relaxers and painkillers until I see my doctor. Maybe, just maybe, if shit stops spasming long enough, some shit can heal. I’m being hopeful here.

This is all so ridiculous I just want to laugh. But that could also be the medication talking. At least right now I am wanting to laugh about it instead of cry. I just want all this to get better and devote my life to living and being healthy.


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