I felt my heart drop a bit when I read that Barack Obama’s grandmother died today.  How sad that she didn’t hold on one more today.  She could have lived to see her grandson become president. =/

I did not register to vote and I am kicking myself for that now.  In the past couple weeks Obama has really grown on me.  I NEVER wanted McCain for president, but I was still at a point where I was feeling like I was choosing between the lesser of two evils.  But I did some more reading and research and now will feel really really disappointed if Obama is not elected our next president.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting, that is for sure.  Basically whatever happens, it’s quite a dramatic election year.


The muscle relaxers and painkillers have knocked me on my ass but they are helping a lot.  It is so nice to be relatively pain free.  They are making me sooooo thirsty though.  I just want to drink fluids until my belly feels like it could burst.  And they also give me very interesting vivid odd dreams.  Including bathing in bbq chicken scented water lol *blech*

I can feel the muscles though that were spasming now.  Instead of burning in pain they are very very sore now that they are relaxed.  Last night at the ER I couldn’t even be for sure where the pain was originating from b/c it was radiating everywhere.

Note to self, maybe I should by hubby man a new keyboard for Christmas.  I just looked down, his is nasty.

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