I’m getting tired of painkillers and muscle relaxers already.  I seriously don’t understand how people get addicted to that stuff because yes…it does make you feel good, but it makes you feel good in that oh hey I just want to go lay down and drift away forever way.  And I’m getting rather bored of sleeping.

Last night while I was sleeping I woke up coughing horribly and gagging and feeling like I couldn’t breathe.  It scared that crap out of me.   I remember jumping up and coughing and racing to go get a drink.  It felt like something was stuck in my throat.  It passed after about 3-4 minutes and my throat was really sore.  I don’t know what that was, but uh, can it not repeat ever again please?  It was like something fell down into my throat while I was sleeping or a *gross warning* giant mass of mucous drained down from my sinuses and got stuck.  Yeah ewww, but I’ve had sinus drainage issues for a while now since I had that infection.

God, my life remains to be exciting.

Mr. Peeper has a little stray twin that has been living outside.  It is afraid of people though.  I have tried to feed it, because the way I figure, nobody around here gives a shit what you do, so feeding stray animals..why not. *heh*  There’s a lot of stray kitties out here.  I feel bad for them, I wish they had homes.

Last year I took 2 stray kitties to the shelter which I now feel horrible for doing because I realize it is quite possible that they got put to sleep.  I don’t even like thinking about it.  The one I wanted to bring in but we just can’t have another cat here.  I was so worried about them getting hit on the road so I took them to the shelter.  I was also worried that we would get in trouble if I fed them outside and stuff and they hung around, but like I said, I have since learned that nobody seems to give a shit.

I have all these stupid doctor appts and crap coming up and uggh, I’m just tired of it.  Once everything is taken care of…I’m not in pain anymore…I’m done I’m done I’m done.  Uggh.  Sick of doctors.  Sick of being sick.  No, I cannot bitch enough about it.  I’m sick of it!

Daylight saving time is depressing.  Getting dark at 6 pm?  Ugggh!  That means by December it will be getting dark around 5 pm.

It is time for me to register for Spring classes.  I just hope and pray that I will feel so much better by the time that they start.  There’s gotta be a point when I take more than just 12 credit hours to get caught up.  I’m still not interested in being a 30 yr old college student.


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