This is amazing.  And by this… I mean watching the election coverage.  For the first time in a long while, I feel hopeful about the direction this country is going just in that it seems to be choosing the right leader for the job.

And I am also amazed…simply…by what appears is going to be an election of a black president.

In 8th grade we made these time capsules.  I forget when we were supposed to open them.  I never sealed mine because I thought it was stupid but I digress.  In it, our teacher had provided us with a questionnaire and one of the questions was if ever saw the US have a black president or a woman president.  I put that I believed it would honestly never happen.  2008 has proved me wrong on both counts.  We had a woman trying.. and now we have a black man who looks like he is going to win.  And hate Sarah Palin all I want, still…she was there too.  I don’t know…I am just overwhelmed with what change this election seems to have brought to this country.  It is a very different place than I thought I would ever see in 2008.

And also, I keep hearing these stories here and there…of older African Americans who are absolutely moved to the highest degree by what they are witnessing.  Some girl on another forum I post on posted that she met with a 103 year old woman who was just overwhelmed that she got to see this…and another one told of a 70 year old woman who was just moved to tears.  And you have to think how amazing that is, for these older folks especially… because they lived through some of the nastiest times in this country when it came to race relations and here they are seeing something that they probably never thought they would live to see.


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