About the time I mark dog’s potty pad training thing off my list he goes and has an accident on the floor…argggh. But in his defense, it was because we all fell asleep last night w/o taking him out. He needs to be a bit proactive about this though, you know, wake us up and let us know he needs to be taken out or something.


Today I went for a deep tissue massage after my MIL told me massage therapy really helped her back pain. It was a brilliant experience. Absolutely wonderful. So I am going to make it a regular thing in my life, at least for a while. Not only is it good for my body, but wonderful for my mind as well.

Which reminds me, I can mark off getting a massage on my 101 list. Sure I had it listed as getting one at a diferrent place but I won’t go there for a massage b/c I can get these amazing ones for cheaper.

I figure between the massage therapy…GOOD chiro, and taking care of myself….maybe I can get these back issues solved.

I’m hopeful at least.

I keep putting off going to the lab to get the stuff figured out for the 24 hr urine adrenal test. In fact, I think my appointment is next week and I don’t know when so I have to call. And if it is on Tuesday like I’m thinking it is, I’m probably gonna reschedule.

I want to get stuff wrapped up with this doctor and possibly transfer my other stuff back to the university clinic as far as meds go b/c these doctor bills are killing me. Thank GOD the hospital is writing off the CT scans and other things…the bill for that was $7000!!! That isn’t even something we could pretend to pay. It would have been oh hey that’s nice, send it to a collection agency or sue the crap out of me or something b/c we don’t have shit worth $7000.


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