Today has been full of stomach cramps and spasms which are probably highly related to being a pig and consuming a large bowl of Life cereal, which never attends to agree with me anyways.

Last night I was feeling quite sore from the deep tissue massage.  Today still a bit sore but I still feel relaxed muscle wise.  Well that and I’m still taking painkillers and muscle relaxers to help.  I think n ext week I am going to ask her to work on the area around my ribs b/c that is what still feels super tight.

I’m really super hard trying to stay positive about all things health wise… none of this stuff has killed me yet and it is not going to so I just need to keep my head above the water until they all get worked out.


Unfortunately I have to unstrike “breaking nacho of his puppy pads” off my 101 list for now and keep trying.  The little bastard pee’d on my floor not once but TWICE today.  OMG…I am so mad.  He may be the last papillon I ever own.  They are seriously deranged when it comes to potty training.  It pisses me off because he is such a smart dog and can learn just about anything but the potty training is just amazingly mind boggling for him.


I’m bummed b/c one of my awesome Christmas present ideas for my brother appears to be nixed b/c my husband did not act  on it fast enough.  I kept telling him to pick it up for me since it was right there at his place of work…and did he, nope?

Yet another lesson in if you want it done, do it yourself.

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