This is so fucking bizarre.  In a good way but still.  Last night…all through Friday…and now this morning…I have been very well aware of my breathing and keeping it in check and not overbreathe.  If I catch myself starting to do so, I immediately relax and make sure I quit breathing from my upper chest.  And I try to keep breathing through my nose.   My brain fought me initially for a while but now it is starting to submit to actual normal breathing.  It is absolutely just insane how much better I feel and how like all my breathing problems are just ceasing to exist.  And how much I realize how fucking sore my upper body is from chronically overbreathing for months.

I’m just totally in awe and wonder why I never explored this possibility sooner rather than brushing it off.  Like, I could have been feeling better so long ago.


I was going through pictures for my MIL’s Christmas gift I am hoping to do for her and it was just really weird to go through the pictures of me and see how I have changed over the years.  Kinda freaked me out *heh*

I also came to the realization that I will always look better with longer hair.  Which is what I always kind of figured but now I’m very well aware.  And I also look better if I take the time to do my eye makeup nicely.  Which I haven’t done for quite some time b/c I haven’t given a shit.

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  1. Patti Ebling
    Jan 24, 2009 @ 00:58:31

    I happened upon your posting above. I have been diagnosed with hyperventilation syndrome but it took more than 8 years of being ill until it was figured out. Oxygen levels don’t get low overnight but over time. I am only recently beginning to understand that when I begin to not care about appearance, am not very productive, and/or have trouble getting up in the morning, those are all flags that my oxygen levels are getting messed up again. This may be why you haven’t cared recently about your appearance. My doctor has me doing 200 breathing exercises a day. Something to consider.


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