Too much….crap

Developing my breathing is going well.  I have to remember it has only been a couple days and it might take a month or longer for my body to remember that this is the right way…especially since I’ve apparently been overbreathing for quite a few months now.

I got pissed off last night about something and felt the familiar tightness and quickened shallow breathing start.  It will take some time.


I put together MIL’s photobook tonight.  I think it turned out rather good but now I’m having problems getting the order to go through…grrr.

I’m slowly marking various family members off my Christmas shopping list tho.


It became overwhelming obvious today while cleaning that there is simply no more room for anymore stuff in this house.  And it kind of sucks that I do love pretty much everything I have or else I would do a massive goodwill collection.  It is kind of a sucky feeling to look around and think what the hell do I do with this and have absolutely no idea b/c there isn’t room for anymore stuff!

And my mom…is notorious for giving various house stuff for Christmas and I just don’t have anymore room for it!  Even our storage and closets are so full of stuff I cringe at the thought.  In fact I cringe at the thought of decorating for Christmas b/c things will have to be moved in and out of storage and just ugggh.

House!  I need a house!


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