Holiday Stuff

Snapfish has failed to email me back thus far… I wonder if I will be able to order MIL’s photobook.

I’m also wondering if I should get my father anything for Christmas.  I know it sounds evil perhaps, but geez… I haven’t seen the man in a year and he just bitches when he calls about Daniel… so yeah.  Did I get him anything last year?  I can’t remember.  I don’t think I did… seeing I haven’t seen him since last Thanksgiving.  We went to my grandma’s and saw him one Christmas…but I don’t think it was last year.  See hell, I don’t even know.

Ah, went back and looked at my MLW journal from that time…nope…didn’t see the old man last year and thus did not gift him anything.

My sister confirmed that her and BIL will be joining us for Thanksgiving.  So now I gotta see if mom, her husband and my brother will be coming too.

I wish my house were bigger.  That would come in handy on holidays and what not….

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