:heart: massages

My husband is right.  I am addicted to my massages.

Today, after a wonderful 40 minute back & neck massage… I decided for sure that yes, massage is absolutely necessary at this point for my health.  I carry sooooo much of my stress & tension in my back.  And in just 40 minutes it is like wam…you have been healed!

I didn’t go last week…and by Wednesday…Thursday I started thinking ahhh fuck, why didn’t I decide to go back this week.  So by the time today rolled around, I was counting down the hours and minutes until I got to go into my peaceful massage cave and be rubbed haha

When I think about it, it’s actually a good use of the money that it costs.  It keeps me more relaxed and stress free and feeling well…and well… we all know what happens when I don’t feel that way.

And when I’m relaxed it is easier for me to keep up with my breathing exercises and watching how I breathe which prevents the host of my other health issues.

It is just fucking brilliant my friends.  That is all.


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