Actually it isn’t that dramatic…but I am just pooped.

Shopped from about 4 am to 6 am. Took a small break when I got home and then started cleaning. Cleaned for about 4 hrs…

Cleaning is actually more of “finding places for shit”. Which is actually more frustrating than actual cleaning…such as dishes, wiping counters, dusting, ect. It requires me to use my imagination.

It’s a bit warmer here today so I went out and cleaned off the porch. There is no reason this needed to be done, but its been bothering me. All the planters and their dead plants from this summer..the dead mums from earlier this fall… I just had to clean out those pots and stack them and sweep the porch. It was bothering me, plus I would like to put up Christmas lights soon and it was going to have to be done anyways.

And I don’t know if it just because I am busy busy busy or if one of the neighbors has their heat on but I am burning up! So I actually turned on the AC. Ha.

Ended up taking a longish nap around noon which completely sucked.  I had nightmares the whole time.

Got up…started cooking stuff… and more cleaning.

I also find out that my sister may not come to dinner.  She’s been puking.  I know she can’t help it but grrr what awful timing.  She is either sick obviously or she’s finally pregnant (she’s been on Clomid for a couple cycles).

And I’m just exhausted and blah.


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