Thanksgiving went well.  I am still kind of shell shocked about all the work put into it, for people to stuff their faces for 30 minutes and then go back and stuff their faces with dessert a half hour later and then that be that.

As usual my mom didn’t stay very long b/c Bob was more or less sitting around looking miserable and happened to get a call into his work to do something so they just needed to hurry up and get back. *rolls eyes*

Sister, BIL & brother stayed a little longer.

When everybody left I felt that familiar tinge of sadness wash over me thinking… gee why don’t we get together more often?

Life & such I suppose.


and I KNOW my sister is pregnant.  I know it, I know it, I know it.  And she’s obviously got it in her head that she’s waiting for a certain time to pass to tell people.  It’s gonna drive me batshit till I know.  Dammit if you’re going to share the TMI of TTC with me, I demand to know when there’s a baby in da uterus!


I showed my mom some of the jewelry I have been making tonight and she really liked it. I might have to try to make her something for Christmas.  She liked the one beaded bracelet I did a lot, so maybe that…


I’m trying to think of what I have accomplished this month on my 101 list and what I still need to do to finish out the month.

Right now I’m stumped as to if I cooked 2 new things this month.  I’m pretty sure i have no that Thanksgiving as passed… the corn recipe was new… and there was something else….

Being friendly to strangers this week, check.  The Walmart stock guys took care of that lol

Thanksgiving is definitely getting counted as the family meal deal ….1 out of 6 down.

Dog is once again doing great w/o his potty pads, but still reluctant to mark it off.


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