There’s so much to do. And I’m bored!

One of my favorite themes actually.  Knowing there is much that could be done, but it all just about as boring as being bored.  Cleaning?  Boring.  Bathing the dog?  Boring.  Wrapping Christmas gifts?  Sourta boring.  But mostly it is my state of mind…. that lends to my perpetual boredness.

In an attempt not to be bored, I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up the last of the beads for the bracelets for my mom, sis, and MIL.  Putting them together is fun, but also frustrating, because I can’t seem to pick a particular way I want them to go to together.  I always end up getting another brilliant idea when something is finished and end up picking apart my work.

Then in another attempt to curb boredom, I went to the mall.  Mostly to stop by the new Lush counter.  Having completely fallen in love with my Silky Underwear Powder (and having not yet used the honey bath bomb) I decided I needed to try out the bubble bars.  So I bought two and fully plan to use one tonight while dragging a book to the tub.

Speaking of books…

I paid my library fines.  It never fails that I always end up with library fines.  This time the amount totaled $32.70.  Don’t ask how that happened.  But I’ve never had a library card in my adult life without ending up with fines.  Stupid deadlines and such asking you to get the books back on time.

So I paid the fines and decided I would check out some books.  I’m always wandering through Barnes & Noble thinking *sigh if I only had the money to add to my book collection.*  Well…. libraries are technically free minus the fines and such *snort*.

So I checked out some books… to cure the whole boredom thing.

And I’ll definitely need that distraction soon because I am faced with doing things that must be done that seem to cause much more boredom than normal.  So maybe I can sneak off with a book and the universe won’t notice I’m missing.


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