Ode to Nacho

I have been spending a lot of time reading.  When it comes to book stores and library, I am very much a kid in a candy store… not knowing which aisle to browse first, completely overwhelmed by the selection.  Admittedly though, I very rarely read fiction.  There are just to many things to learn from nonfiction, that I doubt I’ll ever be bored in the genre.

I recently finished reading The Dog Listener which if you have ever watched The Dog Whisperer on NatGeo then you would see they share a common thread (I believe she was around first.)  Although I consider my self an excellent dog mommy and feel like I understand the communication of dogs well, I did learn a few more interesting things from this book.  I have accepted the fact though that Nacho doesn’t always relate to himself as a dog (sometimes he thinks he is a kitty, and other times a human) so he doesn’t always respond as a dog ideally should.

However, my dear Nacho is the light of my life.  I am perhaps too attached to my dog *L*  It took me several months of whining constantly to my husband that I wanted a dog.  Once the idea was in my head, there was no getting it out.  I wanted a dog and that was that.  Sure we had to two cats, but anybody who knows cats knows that they are about as much of a companion animal as a rabid raccoon.  Oh sure they can be cute and cuddly sometimes, but more often than not, mine look at me with a sense of disgust on their faces and proceed to beg for food.

I had originally had my heart sat on getting a chihuauhau.  I wanted a small dog.  I spent my last days at home with a chi named Punky (short for Pumpkin, she was born on Halloween) and grew to love the little psycho breed.  So in my heart, I was set on having a chi named Nacho.

We had such difficulties finding a puppy.  I know I know…the whole dogs in shelters arguement and taking in strays, ect.  I do honestly feel for the cause, but I really wanted a puppy.  It was almost something that was ingrained within me growing up, when you get a dog, you get a puppy so you can mold it how you want.

I drooled over puppies in petstores (1200 dollar ones, eeps) but these dogs came from puppy mills and in my heart, even if I could have afforded them, there is no way I could have ethically purchased a puppy mill dog.  I am also very glad to say, that all the pet stores in our city that sold dogs from puppy mills have gone out of business.  Yay!

Every week I scanned the local ad paper, Peddlers Post, for the perfect puppy.  And for many many weeks, never found one.

It was then that Ki had decided to some extent that a Papillon would be the best breed for us.  They were known to be extremely submissive, get along well with other animals, bred for companionship and basically had everything else we were looking for in a dog…. minus the mention of being difficult to potty train.

Problem was that Papillons were selling for 800-1200$ in the Peddlers Post, something we couldn’t afford.  And then one day there it was… an ad for Pap puppies for $400.  We called, there was one left, a little boy.

We drove out to the middle of nowhere, to a small farm where we met Nacho and his mother.  His mother was around 8 we were told, and she didn’t act a day over…uhh puppy hood.  She was an extremely happy little dog who started hyperventaliting with sheer joy when she saw us (just like Nacho does now lol)

At this point there was no going back after meeting the puppy who would be Nacho.  He was a tiny fluffball who weighed no more than a pound.  Upon meeting him, he was quiet and shy and looked quite scared.  They lovingly bathed and dried him for us before handing us to him, and us handing $400 to them to take him.

From that moment on, Nacho was my constant friend and companion.  If I very well could, he would come everywhere with me.  The loyalty of a dog is loyalty you will find in no other creature on this earth.  Dog is everything that man and woman could never be all at once… loyal, listening, loving, forgiving, constant companion, friend… they embody it all.

I don’t like to brag much but I have a brilliant creature in my long legged 11 lb friend, minus our potty training issues so prevelant I am told in the Papillon population.  He is fiercly loyal.  Extremely intelligent.  The only dog that has been a part of my life that I have trusted off leash.  One of my proudest moments of knowning I was a good dog mama was unhooking his leash during one of our park walks and watching him trot obediently along beside me.  And when I called him to stay so I could hook him back on anticipation of a passing bike, he stopped and allowed me to do so.  He loves to go for car rides, resting his chin on my arm as I drive and looking up at me with those adoring brown eyes as if to say “thank you for bringing me too.”

He has even won the heart of my husband, whom of which my mother in law once informed me had been terrified of dogs as a youngster for no apparent reason *giggle*.  It was not love at first site for them as it was with me, but over the past 2 years their fondness for each other has grown immensely and I know find them together on the couch, snoozing away in the middle of a movie together.

In a season of gratitude and blessings, I could not be more grateful for my furry four legged companion.  Where Nacho is, I am never alone.  I think I need him far more than he needs me.


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