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Well I was going to include this in a hodge podge post but as usual, I end up rambling on and well… I’m not trying to make a 5000 word essay here soooooo lol

First off… since paying my library fine, reading my 1 book a month per m 101 goal has been no issue.  I’ve already read 3 in the course of a few days.   We’ll see how that trend continues though once I go back to classes when I won’t have as much time to lounge around and read which I must say I enjoy doing immensely.

Yesterday I finished up On Death & Dying which will no doubt spurn a separate entry from me seeing I like to discuss the morbid curiousness I have of death here in this blog.

And today I finished The Mommy Myth which, not being a mother, I guess I don’t feel completely right about giving my 2 cents about the book, although I will say that I am glad to have read it before embarking on any reproduction of my own. I do think it should be essential reading though for all women, rather or not the end up liking or hating the book. There were certainly things in the book that I would incorporate into being a mommy that the book kind of hates on but there were a lot of other things that were eye opening to me… things like why we don’t have adequate child care in this country was one that really caught my attention.

Also on my 101 list has been to listen to 2 albums a month, which once I got back to listening to music, much like books, was something I found that I had totally been missing in my life.  How all these things got away from me, I have no idea but I digress…

Of course, even though I have not really been a fan, I had to hear the new Britney Spear’s album

Surprisingly I found myself tolerating this album better than I thought I would.  Although, I did find myself getting bored halfway in or so simply because I do easily get bored my the traditional pop/dance stuff.  And Mmm Papi should have never made it onto any album.  But besides that I like Circus and Womanizer… both are catchy and good singles.

There’s a few songs that showcase that Britney really can sing.

But my favorite song on the album is Unusual You.  The beat is hot.  It’s very mellow and I love the piano in it.  I like the song as far as lyrics go as well.  This one definitely makes it onto my MP3 player.

Being that I had listened to the ‘official’ comeback album, I now had to know what the one I didn’t listen to was like…hence me actually attempting to listen to

Folks I really tried but I will admit that a lot of the songs got skipped to next about 1.5-2 minutes in.  I tried.  I really did.  Basically this album seems to sum up Britney’s mental condition at the time it was made and that would be totally manic.  That’s really all I have to say about that.  The whole album is self indulgent and sex crazed.

Then on my list for December.. the first album up was

Never been a huge solo Beyonce fan although I will admit the girl can sing (even though she often ruins that by oversinging.. )

I was bored shitless.  Painfully bored.  The bad news is this is a double album.   With like deluxe editions and stuff.  Boredom overkill.

Finally… I was given an album truly worth listening too

I gotta be honest, it took me  a long long time to appreciate Ludacris for some reason. I don’t know why.  But Theatre of the Mind is completely solid (well it has a few moments when you wonder what the fuck Lil’ Wayne is saying and contemplate how Rick Ross got a record deal but that’s not Ludacris’s problem) and is extremely refreshing for the state of commercialized hip hop right now.

Ludacris has done something rare in hiphop and that is retain the features of a true lyricist while making himself a very commercially accessable artist.   I’m having serious trouble coming up with names of others who have done this w/o falling severely short at least a few times.

The man is sick with his wordplay (which is a lost art of hiphop if you ask me), stays on point with his flow, love that he usually sticks with multis in his rhyming style.  Honestly I haven’t been pleased with a hip hop album like this in quite a long time.   He even outshines the rhymes of Jay Z & Nas on I Do It for Hip Hop. \

My only confusion in this album lies wherein why Lil’ Wayne was chosen to feature on Last of a Dying Breed but that’s besides the point.

So there you have… some random thoughts on music and books that have come my way.  I haven’t really gotten started on my movies goals yet.


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