Hodge Podge & Holidays

I’ve been meaning to make this post but often wind up on a tangent that deserves its own post and this one gets forgotten, but I will try to spare tangents for now and just make this what it is… a hodge podge post of this and that.


Paxil and sex drive… I think my body might be getting used to the new levels b/c my sex drive is finally returning and in the past week I’ve managed to have 4 orgasms (you totally wanted to know that lmao) but yes, this was humungous for me, because I totally thought that it was never going to happen again while I was on Paxil.  I totally believed that it wouldn’t.  And I know that fear also caused problems with me uhh.. finishing.  I would get caught up in my head and think oh god oh god what if it doesn’t happen instead of oh god oh god this is great lmao

In other private matters I’m sure the world wants to know…after a 90 some odd day cycle, AF finally showed.  I was never so happy to see red.  So this means, that I can finally start charting this cycle and see what happens.  It gets frustrating to chart such long cycles, but I’ve decided to dedicate myself to sticking with it (at least 3x perferably in a row via my 101 goals.)  This way I can know if anything is really happening or if my uterus does indeed just completely suck.


I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year although it has not really felt the least bit Christmasy.  I think I’ll find myself in a bit of a funk after the holidays are over to be honest, just because it has been something to really look forward too.  I dunno… winter…until spring starts to arrive is usually just so blah.  Of course starting back to classes in January will be something that will happen, but I don’t know… it’s not that I don’t want to go back, but I just hope that I’ll be happy there.

But back to Christmas time…

The house is decorated, shopping is more or less done, waiting on last presents for Ki to arrive, anticipating the holiday for sure. Have presents to make for mothers and sis…. the bracelets of course. I found THE CUTEST boxes tonight to put them in.


Christmas decor:

The picture is of Ki has a kid.  I love that picture so much that I had to frame it and display it for the holidays.  If I was on the other comp I would find the digital version and post it.  It is just an all too perfect picture, him and his childhood kitty under the Christmas tree.  The kitten has a bow on it, he is laying next to it.  The cat is asleep and I swear it looks like the kitten is smiling.  It is a fucking kodak moment if I have ever seen one.

I super heart my Foundations Nativity Scene

My lights look a little sad but I swear they look better in person

Flame lights in the windows

I have concluded that the artificial Christmas tree that we bought last year(after hubby thru out the perfectly good one when we moved, don’t ask) is already destined for the dumpster after this season.  It was cheap and I wanted something that wasn’t prelit and we ended up with that.  It has not held up well.  I don’t like it, but it will have to do for this year.

This is actually left up year round.  This is just the first time I’ve put flame lights on it instead of white lights.  I like it much better.  It has sort of a… rustic feel to it I guess.  I got the idea for this from one of my favorite stores (Earth Magic) and decided to recreate something similar at home.

Usually we would have more cards.  People no likey us this year lol

My cheap little find at Michaels for the outside of the door.  It’s pretty and I think I can leave it on the door the rest of the winter, not just Christmas.

Ahh the old Nativity thing.  I’m pretty sure this thing is older than me.  My mom gave it to me and I remember it from my childhood.  I also remember pestering my mom to let me “hold baby Jesus”  now I can hold him whenever I want lol

My coffee table offerings which I did not photograph well.

And my small Christmas village.

I created the ‘snow’ that it sits upon thanks to my love of spray glue and glitter.  I bought one of those fluffy ‘snow’ mat things that they make for the Christmas  villages.  It was boring.  My village came with some of that loose fake snow that was just way too messy.  Solution?  Spray down snow mat with spray glue.  Sprinkle on fake snow.  Spray again with spray glue.  Allow to dry.  Spray again with spray glue.  Sprinkle glitter on top and allow to dry.  And b/c my houses seemed to be missing something, they also got a light coating of glue on the roofs and a dusting of glitter that looks like snow.  Perfect.

Instead of garland (oh god you can tell how plastic our tree looks in this pic), I randomly wrap these sprigs of uhh glitterly fruit and pinecones in various places of the tree.  I dunno, I generally hate the look of garland and you could create just about any look imaginable b/c these are just those holiday picks from Hobby Lobby and they come in 10 billion different kinds for the holidays.

And totally random but I found this guy tonight and he looked just like Mango (but an angelic mango) that I couldn’t resist getting it for the tree.

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