Random Crap About Me

I am a confused individual with little direction in my life.  Sometimes this frustrates me.  Other times this makes life extremely entertaining.

I like to take pictures and want to become a professional photographer.  People tell me I take good pictures, but sometimes I look at real photographers’ pictures and think “I will never be that good”.  Then I mope for a little bit, pull my head outta my ass, and get on with it.

I have a scar on my leg from running into a corn stalk on my bike when I was like 11.

I derive immense pleasure from using a callus shaver on my feet.

My dog eats the skin shavings that come off my feet when I use the callus shaver.

He also eats my toenails when I cut them.

The longer I have my cats, the less I like them.  I love them, but don’t necessarily like them.

I am throroughly convinced that my dog is the bestest and cutest and smartest dog on the planet.

I go through phases of having the worst baby fever and other phases where I detest children.

I wish that I could live in water.  Warm soothing water.

One time I got mad at a light bulb and punched it.  While it was on.  I was also drunk.

I will not eat a pork chop.

I’ve been shocked by an electric fence.  It doesn’t hurt as much as it is fucking startling.

My Amish neighbor got banned from my house when I was 8 because we talked about boys too much.

I love Batman comics and graphic novels.

I’ll never get sick of watching Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

My photobucket account has nearly 1400 images.  Some of them are unexplainable:

I love to read, but I rarely read fiction.  If I am going to read, I prefer that I learn something from it.

I actually rather enjoy the taste of beer, but my poison of choice is vodka and diet coke.

I’ve slept on a picnic table in the park overnight.

In 9th grade a friend and I walked the traintracks 15 miles to another town to visit her boyfriend.  It took us roughly 5 hours.  The next day I was so sore I could barely move.

I believe I have had contact with spirits.

I was home alone in our house when it got broken into in 8th grade. I was so petrified I literally could not move.

My dad refers to me as “The Me”.

A friend once pulled a chick out of the car by her hair, with my help we proceeded to tag team her.

I say a prayer of protection everytime I get in my car to go drive somewhere.

My favorite comfort foods are instant oatmeal, Bob Evans Macaroni and Cheese, and Ben & Jerry’s Creme Brulee icecream.

I have more hobbies than I have actual time for.

I never thought I would get married.

I’ve been in 2 car accidents.  One was minor and the other one I was lucky to walk away from.

The upstairs where my room was growing up… had no heat in the winter and 100 year old insulation.  I would have to put on 3-4 layers of clothes and several layers of blankets in order to sleep.  There was no air conditioning there in the summer.

I have learned the lesson of ladybugs can hurt if they bite you.

I once dared my sister to stick a car cigarette lighter to her leg when it was hot.  She did it.

I’ve given a quarter to a monkey wearing a suit.

I’ve probably peed in more random places than most people.  Ahhh good old getting drunk in random places outdoors days.

I have to concentrate when I say the word ‘ambulance’ otherwise it  comes out as am-bull-lence.

The same goes for the word tranquilizer or else it comes out all fucked up.

The word ‘roar’ is almost impossible for me to say.

My difficulty with certain words to this day probably comes from the fact that for the first four years of my life I was practically deaf due to constant ear infections.  I finally had surgery when I was around four and  went through several years of speech therapy.

I have extreme hatred for the color mauve and the word moist.

Everyday of 11th grade I went to school stoned…. and had never had been more interested in class.

I have a three legged African Clawed frog who is now called Tripod…. or Stumpy depending on the day.

When I was 9 my pet cat ate my pet parakeet.

I haven’t counted in a while but I own well over 100 tubes of lipstick/lip gloss.

I attended vocational school for cosmotology for a while.


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