As it would be…my mood is very dark this morning.  It went south rather quickly, for reasons I can’t quite determine except perhaps I exposed myself to too many past reminders of carefree times and then quickly came back to 2008 and what I am dealing with today.

Getting a second chance….while not rare… should not be expected.  A third chance does become rare.  4th and 5th chances?  Ha.

But me my friends, I am one of those assholes that get 7th & 8th chances…repeatedly.  And fuck them up.  Repeatedly.

Realizing that also made me realize there are things that now must be done.  Things I don’t necessarily want to do, but are gonna save me a lot of grief later on.  Ever notice how the important things in life that need to be done, are often the least fun?  Irony isn’t it?


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