Blogger’s Block, I shall share it with you

I am ‘wrote’ out lately and honestly have no idea what to blog about today.  This is probably the reason I don’t tend to update blogs or journals every single day, because when there is nothing going on… well what the hell do you say?

The writing prompts from Holidailies really aren’t doing anything to spark my imagination.  No offense.  It’s more of the the fact that I don’t really think about the holidays in the terms that the writing prompts are given.  They are days that happen, but there isn’t a lot leading up to them that make me contemplate the season. And oh yeah… there’s that little fact that 2008 has been le suck.

Currently though I am putting off cleaning the house, so that I can actually enjoy the Christmas tree and other decorations w/o seeing clutter everywhere.  I am quite certain that if I clean this house one more time before Christmas and it is a mess again BEFORE Christmas, I am going to be running through my neighborhood screaming and lighting shit on fire.

One thing I know is that if I lived by myself, my house would generally be spotless.  I’m sure this idea comes to a shock to those who knew me as a child/teenager and they ever recall seeing my room.  It’s different though, when it is your place…. your house.  Not just your room.  You want it to look nice and put together.  At least I do.  If my house is a mess and I don’t care… that generally means I am in a dark little place and you probably don’t want to talk to me anyways.  A clean organized house… is also essentially meaning that I am somewhat uncluttered on the inside.

Another indication of my mood based on household decor/items/cleanliness/things thriving?  I will share this ‘post secret’ I made earlier this summer:

(Maybe… if I can find it.  Speaking of things that need to be organized…my photobucket account is a mess.)


And speaking of the word “word” as a way of like… agreeing or what have you with things.  I have been saying “word” for like 6 years now dammit… and what to do I hear the other day on an Old Navy commercial?  Those bitches are all like “word” at the end of it.  I died a little inside.  Fucking Old Navy.

Yeah…. I think that qualifies as a post.  I am done here.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kitty
    Dec 19, 2008 @ 09:09:22

    Word. I’m always thinking the same thing, if everyone moved their shit out way the place would be sparkly.


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