Oh hai, I fail at holidailies

Actually the lack of posts isn’t because I’ve been lazy about doing it, it is because *gasp* I have actually been busy.

Imagine that!

Christmas was good.  It only felt like Christmas briefly during dinner at my sister’s house, but everything still went well.

Dinner at my sister’s was a good time.  The food was fantastic.  I literally stuffed myself until I was in pain lol but it was so worth it.  We opened gifts and hung out.  My sister let me hear the baby’s heartbeat which they had recorded and even though she isn’t really showing much yet, her belly definitely has the defining pregnancy hardness.

Kiowa spoiled me as usual when it came to gifts.  Hey I figure he better, it’s pretty much the only time of year I get spoiled by him materially haha.

I dropped my Paxil rX off at Walmart this morning only to miss picking it up before they closed.  I of course discovered this AFTER driving my ass over there.  I didn’t realize the pharmacy closed at 7 on Saturdays and to make it worse, I missed them being open by mere minutes.  Soooo I’ll have to go about half a day w/o a dose so with any luck, that won’t be long enough to get me feeling shittier.

My left shoulder is fucking killing me and all I can attribute it too is sleeping fucked up…. oh and leaning over stupidly in this awkward ass position that I use to use my laptop on the couch and sometimes the bed.  I’m feeling pissy at my massage therapist b/c if she wouldn’t have half assed the last massage, I probably wouldn’t be in so much pain.  I was literally starting to get angry during the last massage b/c she was doing the stupid stretches thing on my neck and back for like 10 minutes straight.  I don’t know why I didn’t say something to her.  But for at least 20 minutes of a 60 minute massage I was seething because what she was doing was just pissing me off.  And I know she was just doing it b/c it was a lazy way for her to get away with actually working on me (she had been lamenting to me that she was working on only 3 hours of sleep).  Next massage, I am telling her to stay on my upper back and leave everything else alone.  Hey I’m the one paying for it and giving her ass tips.

If I didn’t have a pizza in the oven right now I would hop in the bath.  Which I do plan to do later.  Lots and lots of heat.  And maybe break out my massage pad.  And try to relax.  I wish I had some Tiger Balm.  That shoulder… arrggh I hate it.

Lately every time I try to take Vicodin when I’m hurting I ended up about 3 hours later with the worse headache ever and it feels like my sinuses are going to explode.  I don’t know what is up with that, but I’m starting to think I have developed a slight allergy or something to Vicodin.  I went through my drug stash (ha) today to try to find something for it, tried some Mobic… did nothing.  Maybe I should go smoke a joint haha

I need to finish putting away my Christmas presents.  And try out the ones I haven’t yet.  Weeeee.  And read.  I have many library books to read.

I usually leave our Christmas stuff up until New Years Day but right now, I’ll be kind of relieved to have my house back from all of it.  Except my snowmen, they can stay out longer.  Although today… it sure doesn’t feel like winter.  Schizo weather….it got up to 70 degrees today… in Indiana.  I can only remember this happening one time before like 7 years ago.  Could have worn shorts outside today.  Can’t believe that a few days ago everything was coated in ice and snow.  But of course it is supposed to get freezing again.  Obviously today was just a freak day.

Honestly though.. I’m glad the holidays are more or less over.  I thought I would feel depressed with the anticipation of Christmas gone, but I am surprised to find that I actually feel relieved.  I don’t know why but I do.  I think because some of the pressure on me is removed.   But then I have to start thinking about classes starting up again, and that does make me feel stressed out, so I just have to remember how to relax and be relaxed and just let things flow.

I should be able to get a new camera here in a couple weeks.  I’m very excited about that prospect yet still have no idea yet what kind I am going to get except that I know I want a Canon.



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