Myyyy Precious

The 40D arrived yesterday as promised (err now I guess it has been 2 days ago).  I am thrilled with it to say the least.  I mean what more can I say really?  I desperately wanted a bad ass new camera and this is it.

It is just going to take me time to get used to it and make it my own yah know.  Of course now my issue is finding subject matter *L*…. my house has run out of interesting things for me to photograph if there ever were any.

It is a bit strange but I think I’ll miss my old camera *L*…just because I had some good times with it.  It is just an object I can look at, and associate good memories with.


I can’t believe the new semester starts Monday.  That is just… I don’t know… mind blowing for some reason.  Basically… I’m shocked by how fast 2009 is already going.  In fact it sourta sucks that each year seems to go by faster than the last.  I mean hell it is the 10th already.   That is just bizarre.

I’m wondering how this semester will be.  If I’ll rediscover my passion for my education.  I want to.  Badly.  I just don’t know if I will.  It’s been such a rough ride and basically I’m tired.  That is why I am hoping to supplement it with other things… other things that get my foot in the door where I want to be…


My sister called me yesterday to tell me that they got an impromptu look at the baby in the doctor’s office.  The doctor had a new ultrasound machine that she wanted to test out and asked my sister if she wanted to be her guinea pig.  So they got to see the baby.  She said it was in there waving around like a crazy thing hehe

They are supposed to go for the ‘big’ ultrasound… I think Feb 9th is what she said.

I’ve been having fun looking up ideas for her baby shower.  It won’t be as big as I initially thought since she told me that her friends at work and Terry’s friends at work are also throwing them baby showers.  But that is a good thing, because less stress for me planning and now I’ll probably even get to pay more attention to the little details.

I’m so glad that her pregnancy is going well for her and that Little Moose is growing & thriving.  My heart breaks at the very thought of anything ever going wrong.  I want July to get here so Little Moose can be safe in his/her mama’s arms.

And like I said, soon we should know if it is a he or a she.  I always thought my sister would have a girl first but since she has actually gotten pregnant I’ve got a strong suspicion that it is going to be a boy.  My sister also thinks it is a boy and I think her & Terry are rooting for it to be a boy.


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