overwhelmed is the name of the game

Not the emotional spazzing out overwhelmed.  Just the omgwtfbbq I have so much to do and the day needs to be longer than 24 hrs kind of overwhelmed.

In a way it’s a good thing.  It keeps my mind from wandering to dark far off places that it shouldn’t be going… mostly.
In a way it’s a bad thing.  Since I am not only a member but the president of procrastinator’s anonymous having so much on my plate tends to magnify that aspect of my personality to critical levels.

Not only do I have a billion things I need to do… but a billion things I want to do.  The wanting to do things now.. coming back at full force because I am happier.  Which is good, but then again, don’t have much time.

I know above all else, school comes first.  It has to.  But in the meantime, the one thing that is driving me absolutely bonkers is the house going to hell in the process.  I have been meaning to clean for days now.  The longest it seems that this place can go before it starts looking disheveled is a week.  Well let’s just say its been much longer than a week since I’ve managed to get it together.  It makes me angry to leave my bedroom, which for once amazingly is like the cleanest most organized room in the house.  Everywhere else it feels like I am just manuvering around clutter and chaos.  And don’t get me started on the floors… the snow needs to freaking leave b/c Ki and his giant shoes track snow and mud and shit all over my floors.

It’s not even about not having motivation to clean…. its the time… where do I find the time.  Today when I technically had time, I just really wanted some downtime.  So I had my damned downtime because I need my downtime.  And now… having time to be sitting here writing is not downtime, but I’m like half a shut eye away from falling into a deep dreamland.  I’m exhausted and know that I’m going to end up sleeping later than I planned tomorrow… effectively bringing my whole schedule down.  What will get done?  What won’t?  Nobody knows!!!


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