Why is breathing hard? Jesus lol

Remember to breathe properly through out the day & doing breathing exercises sucks.  Of course the alternative is much…suckier.  For  most people, breathing properly isn’t something they even have to think about.  *sigh*  Not for me.  Some days it comes more naturally, other days I find myself falling into the chest breathing….or breathing with muscles that aren’t supposed to be used just for breathing.  I discovered it to be a major source of my back troubles…. I breathe with my back muscles… a lot.  Go figure.  Breathing properly also means I can’t suck my gut in as much.  Hello round gut.

I was hoping my statistic quiz grades would be posted by now… but dammit they aren’t.  I know I should have done well on them, but I just want confirmation.  It would give me up that maybe I won’t fuck this up, at least not immediately.

Writing my super rough draft of my semester long paper is not coming to me easily.  I don’t want to do it at all really.  I wonder if I’ll even make it through this course considering the 20 minute class presentation/discussion I am asked to do.  I intend to approach it somehow without turning it into a disaster, but we know me and disasters…

And speaking of that paper, it seems quite impossible that I am able to concentrate and get any work done at home… I will probably have to trek off to the campus library so as not to be distracted by shiny things.


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