Let Me Take Pictures Dammit

Yeah I know it shouldn’t have but the “do you do nude” perv on craiglist totally killed the shred of optimism that I had of actually finding some willing oppurtunities to build my portfolio via advertising on craigslist.  I just don’t get it… with all the stuff that is there for perverts, why bother somebody who has no interest in that shit?  Probably b/c I was offering it for free.  I’m not a prude but to some extent it really bothers me that we live in a society where it is just….almost normal to roll your eyes at such shit b/c it has become ‘okay’ to just come out and propisition people about nude photos or whatever.  That this is just the first thing somebody is thinking about… its just messed up to a degree.

I don’t even know now, because if I do get somebody who sounds legit I am going to be paranoid about actually encountering a weirdo… If I actually do get somebody… I might take Kiowa with me as my ‘assistant’ or something so I don’t end up raped in a ditch somewhere.  I seriously don’t trust people, yes I’m paranoid.

If I were going to do nude photos… they would be artistic ones of women only *L*.  Not just on pervert aspect, but men’s bodies are seriously not aesthetically pleasing.  I love my mens… but they do not have bodies that lend to nude photography… well some might, most don’t.  Especially pervs on craigslist.

I just feel like I’m not going to find any subjects unless I basically throw myself out there and I don’t even know how to go about throwing myself out there.  Craigslist posting was a pretty big throw myself out there for me.

I’m trying to think of things within my grasp right now that could provide me oppurtunities for photographing people.

My brother would be a good subject I think.  The kid is bizarre lol and he is not afraid of a camera by any means.  I think I could get some interesting shots with him.

I am hoping of course to do maternity photos for my sister and of course once the kid gets here I will no doubt have thousands of pictures of it *L*

Thought about offering my mom to maybe do some nice potraits of her and her husband.  Also ask her about her stepson’s kids… she mentioned before Christmas me doing some photos for them once I got my new camera.  Maybe I could do that if she babysits them one weekend and she could give them as gifts to the parents.  Could also ask her to mention me to her church, if they are having any events that need photographed.

H’s kids of course.

Maybe my sis could spread the world to her BIL & SIL, since they have a baby…

I just realize I am going to have to go out and make oppurtunities instead of hoping they fall in my lap.

Ki’s friends have kids and stuff…maybe tell him to spread the word.


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