The title of my life.

I can’t sleep lately.  Even when I do fall asleep I randomly wake up after 2-3 hrs of sleep and feel like I can’t fall back asleep.  That is not me, at all.  Once I’m out, I’m out… so to wake up feeling wide awake after 2 hours of sleep and having to rummage through medicine cabinets to find something to put me back to sleep is not cool.  During these episodes of waking up randomly, I usually wake with anxious thoughts.  Sometimes it isn’t even so much anxious thoughts as just anxious feelings…the automatic arousal shit (not in the pervy way you freaks)

It is probably mostly because of the recent rash of realizations in which I like to entitle “Dumb Shit in My Life and How I Need to Make it Disappear”.  Yes, I could write a book and title it just that.  A self help book for people who keep doing dumb shit over and over.


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