Random Details from a Random Life

It’s always so pleasent to be awakened in the morning to my husband yelling that the dog had pooped on himself.  Yes, that is how I was awakened this morning… in which I found my husband with the dog on the leash, cornering him in the bathroom.  I got up and grabbed some toilet paper but quickly realized this was going to result in a full bath for Mr. Nacho.  Damn dog and his butt fuzzies.  If he wouldn’t look so ridiculous I would shave his ass.  That and he has been having a very unhappy tummy over a new chew treat I gave him, which he will not be getting again.  Nothing like being woke up from hearing the dog’s stomach rumbling one night and then the next morning to a dog who had poop stuck in his butt hair.  *sigh*  I love my life.


Today was spent in various forms of discomfort.  Back hurting.   Again.  I caved and took a prescription NSAID, which I HATE taking b/c one of the side effects is bloating up, which I get.  It helps only slightly, and really isn’t worth the disgusting bloating feeling which will take a day or two to fade.  Add some allergies, sinus issues, and a wee bit of anxiety to that and yes…just fun times for all.  Spring break is not as relaxing as I hoped it would be.


Kiowa has been out spending long nights filming…*sigh* I miss him.


I went today and purchased a nice tripod for my  camera for the quinceanera Saturday.  Tis nice and sturdy.  I asked a friend to go with me as an assistant Saturday and I swear to God she better not suddenly back out on me because I WILL BE PISSED.  I of course asked if it would be okay to bring an assistant with me.  It will be nice to have somebody to lug around my stuff for me, but honestly I need somebody there to help calm my nerves more than anything *L*  I wanted a second set of eyes as well so I don’t miss anything.  I am so nervous about all of this.

The experience will be brilliant though, I know it, both in terms of my photography career and just life experience.  I’ve never experienced a quinceanera and am absolutely blown away just by researching it and seeing how elaborate these things can get.

Reading about the ceremonies, they seem like such a beautiful concept. I love how Jewish and Mexican/S. American ect cultures have these celebrations of welcoming young people into ‘adulthood’ both in the sense of of their age, but it being a spiritual thing.

It just makes me think about how when I have children, how I would love for them to have some kind of initiation of sorts into the spiritual realm of life.


Like I said…I didn’t ask for much money b/c I didn’t feel comfortable doing so, especially when I initially just offered my services for free for the experience.. and something tells me that this first experience will more than pay for itself in that regard.


I’ve done quite a bit of research on quinceaneras so now I have a better idea of what will be going on so I don’t miss anything. I’ve searched for pictures of others to get some ideas and just have been moved by some of the ones taken in the church… again the whole spiritual initiation into adulthood is just so extremely touching to me.

The girl’s mom cracked me up when I talked to her the other day… before she hung up she was like “now you bring your whole family okay?” Hehehe… I laughed and said okay but I don’t think I’ll be bringing my whole family to a job. But I just love how in general Mexican families are so warm and welcoming.

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