Breathing & Brain don’t work together

I’ve slipped back into my horrible habit of overbreathing the past week or so… thus anxiety has been up and pain has been up. The overbreathing issue is also the cause of 98% of my issues. Keeping an eye on it is a pain in the ass. Not keeping an eye on it is an even bigger in pain in the ass.

For some reason I find it difficult to set aside even 10 minutes a day to do breathing exercises and retraining. Let alone 30 minutes. I have to start though. I have to stick with it. Otherwise I try to regulate when I am doing other things. It still strikes me as such a dumb thing to have a problem with, but yet such is the story of my life…series of dumb events.

I was doing some more reading about it though and found it interesting that it increases platelet aggregation, thus elevating the likelihood of blood clotting. When I was in the ER one of the times this fall, one of my blood tests came back with a marker or whatever, I forget how they explained it, of my blood being more likely to clot. I have no doubt now that this is the reason why, because while I was laying there in the bed, I was chronically overbreathing. I laid there watching the oxygen monitor which stayed pretty consistantly at 98%…and always soared to 100% every time I yawned or sighed leaving me with no doubt that I wasn’t having trouble with taking in oxygen although it sure in the hell felt like it.

The muscle spasms, tiredness and pain? All related too.

Also found it interesting to read that it can totally fuck up the calcium-magnesium ratio in your body… something I investigated earlier in the year but didn’t really understand. And again, more muscle pain problems.

It is also disturbing to realize that if I don’t get this under control… not only the stress of it, but the mechanics of it sets me up for all kinds of health problems. Bah.

I also realized I need to get to exercising…really good aerobic stuff. I’ve been putting it off when I feel ‘bad’ b/c I am worried it will make me feel worse, but from my research it sounds like it should make me feel a hell of a lot better. After all when doesn’t exercise make one feel better?

I guess doing more research and understanding this helps me to feel like I am helping myself. I like to remind myself that I hold the keys to my own healing.

I also just find it interesting that this is more widespread than what most people think and how closely it is linked to things like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. When I was really bad off I remember my mom telling me stuff about CFS and ironically enough in my readings there are studies that estimate that so many cases of CFS is possibly caused my overbreathing.

Also find it interesting how prevalent it might be and how prevalent anxiety issues seem to be this in this day. But then again, not that it is any wonder… look at the world around us… no wonder people are all anxious… to some degree I think the basic structures of humanity have broken down.

Also interesting… cultures that give importance to the breath and life energy…less problems.

More interesting stuff I found in relation to overbreathing…

Exuberates IBS symptoms… yeah had the doc at the university clinic pointing to that one (while noticing my breathing pattern and telling me I was anxious nonetheless)… yeah… b/c my first bout with this, I was shitting water every 5 minutes at one point.

Heart rate and blood pressure… obviously ridiculously high when I am having a bad episode.

How little all this has been studied in the West. Most of the info on the net refers to how understudied it is.. I believe in Australia is where a lot of studies were done and of course Eastern countries already put much more emphasis on the power of the breath. There is of course the Buteyko method which I am super interested in trying…too bad the stuff for it right now has been too $$$$ for me.

In a study of 1000 patients… with the combo of breathing retraining, physical therapy & relaxation in one year 75% of them were symptom free, 20% only had mild symptoms, and and only about 5% had symptoms that would not let up. Symptoms were usually abolished in 1-6 months. So it is not an overnight thing, which is hard to remember sometimes… especially if you have a good day and then go back to a bad day. Younger patients may sometimes only require a few weeks to fall back into normal patterns.

Most people with HVS meet the criteria for an anxiety disorder… gee couldn’t imagine why seeing what it does to your body

I would love to get breathing retraining by a professional …like a physiotherapist or something but I’m willing to bet that costs an assload of money.

Normal breathing is 10 breaths a minute. Wow. Lemme tell you there are days when I think I’m breathing at a rate of a breath every second. It is gonna take me a while to get to normal breathing…b/c using 6 seconds to take one breath feels like death to me.

This is a great article in laymens terms about overbreathing

Anyways this is basically info for me..but if anybody else runs across it and it helps them then yay.


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