I know because of my learnings.

I was going to post a detailed blog about my first photography gig but decided against doing so on a public blog seeing this was a job.  Not that there was anything bad to say about it.  Certainly not!  It was such a wonderful experience both in my personal life and for my budding career.  I learned things that are just impossible to learn unless you are there, hands on.

It now seems a bit like a dream that I was there, doing that yah know?  I definitely know I am in the right field now.  It felt like work in a way(just because it was a lot harder than I thought it would be) but for the most part, it didn’t feel like work at all.

As I’ve started going through and editing pictures I realize how much I learned just by doing this one job… wishing I would have known those things before hand but what can you do right?

Some random things I’ve learned…

  • I really need to learn the best way to work in bad lighting when flash is prohibited.
  • How much equipment there is out there that would make things easier… and how expensive it will be ha
  • People move too damn much
  • Natural light is the photographers best friend.
  • That said, artificial light is such a pain in the ass.
  • I need to be more assertive when shooting.
  • For future reference I will tell family members to please not take pictures while I am also shooting pictures.
  • Make sure I am well hydrated and have eaten before a shoot, shakey hands are not good to have.
  • When you have no experience really shooting on a tripod, the day before a shoot is not the time to decide you will use one.
  • Timelines are important for photographers.
  • I totally love doing detail shots.
  • Always carry a back up (or 2) CF card.
  • Canon 40D’s battery rocks.
  • If people aren’t giving you the shot you want, ask them for it.
  • I will always always always be a candid shot/photojournalism style photographer at heart… hate poses!
  • Expect the unexpected, and then take a picture of it.
  • There is something so rewarding about being told thank you for something you love to do.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Natalie
    Mar 20, 2009 @ 04:00:48

    Yes yes and yes. You learn a lot actually doing a paid gig. Tripods are okay in some situations, but I do still love handheld. And yes… lighting is a major MOFO most of the time. Flash is okay, but doesn’t always work how you want it. And you have to have to have to speak up…. and those other cameras, omg! Drove me nuts! Stop interrupting the damn paid photographer!!


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