Random Thoughts

Feeling a lil’ crash and burny lately…. think I have just put too much of my self esteem into these photos and editing them just so. Please tell me I won’t do this every single gig I have *L*

Trying to figure out the best method for cleaning my house to an acceptable level so I don’t feel slightly slobbish when my sister comes over tomorrow… trying to do this when slightly tipsy is making it difficult.

Alcohol gives me munchies. I thought only weed was supposed to do that? I think it is because it calms my stomach to eat something instead of just be filled with alcohol.

Jimmy Fallon(sp?) is not funny.

Wii Mariokart f’in rocks. And brings back memories of being young and sitting and playing Mariokart forrrever on Super Nintendo.

Husband went out with friends tonight to blow off some steam. Normally I wouldn’t care. Tonight I feel totally lonely and sad because he had nothing to do tonight for once and could have spent it with me.

Sometimes I get really sick of being the one everyone vents to IRL.

My dog is just too cute. He lays beside me when I’m on the laptop and rests his little chin on my arm. Of course he chooses to do this on the hand I control the mouse with so I’m constantly disturbing him. He finally decided laying behind my butt would be better.

I need to clean Snicker’s cage as well…blah. When him and the frog croak I don’t know if I’ll be getting anymore animals that live in glass cages anytime soon.

I’ve totally been neglecting checking my email the past day in a half because I don’t want to deal with it.


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