God be in my dog yo

I know it sounds really stupid… but the night that Nacho didn’t swallow the muscle relaxer… strangely renewed my faith in a higher power. I look at my dog and see God in him now. See it sounds crazy but allow me to explain a bit.

Whenever Nacho finds something on the floor and picks it up… it goes straight down his throat. It doesn’t matter what it is… food…a piece of a leaf… paper. He’s a dog, that’s what he does. Especially if I try to get it from him. I’ll see him pick something up and go “what do you have?” and off running he goes while frantically swallowing whatever it is that he has picked up. Most of the time this doesn’t worry me b/c I see what he picks up and know that there is nothing I can do about it. This is a dog that ate his poop as a puppy… if he’s gonna eat a little piece of paper it isn’t gonna kill him.

But the muscle relaxer… probably would have and I would have never known what happened. Seriously my heart still breaks thinking about it.

But for some reason that night… he didn’t swallow it when I asked him what he had. Maybe it tasted bad or something. Maybe there was a more logical explanation why he didn’t swallow it rather than a higher one.
But I saw him leap on the couch and grab something small and yellow. It didn’t totally register with me immediately but I felt something kick in with me…that I knew it was a pill but I didn’t know exactly what.
“What have you got?” I yelled at him.
And he spit it out. He fucking actually spit it out.
As soon as I saw it pop out of his mouth I plunged on it and felt my heart jump out of my body. It was a pill. A muscle relaxer that came from somewhere from when I had back pain really bad.

I don’t think I was right the rest of the night. I felt horrible. It was like when you wanna beat a kid for running out in traffic not because you’re mad but you were so scared and after the anger passes you feel completely horrified for a while.

Why do I say this has anything to do with a higher power?… Well like I said, Nacho always eats anything he picks up…especially if you try to take it from him. But for some reason, that night, he spit out the pill. Something was watching over him… and by watching over him, something was watching over ME… b/c if I lost my dog right now, I would be a fucking wreck. Yeah, I’m one of those people…my dog is like my child. Losing him would be like losing a family member to some degree. I love that little shit and he is always with me. Where Raychel is…there is Nacho unless I am somewhere where there are no dogs allowed…yah know. Anyways…I’m just thankful.


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