Bye Bye Bye, bit by bit

Past 4 days I have dropped my Paxil dose down to 35mg. Well Saturday actually I only took 5mg b/c I forgot to get to the pharmacy. Luckily no real ill came out of that…just felt spacey as shit.

My body has realized now it isn’t getting the full dose. Tired as hell, spacey, diarrhea cha cha cha. But I want to begin this taper, so I’m doing it. If I need to go slower I will. But I’m really hoping to get down to 20 mg by cutting it by 5 mg each time and then once I get down to 20 mg cut it down by 2.5mg or so every couple of weeks. That’s the goal. I believe in myself.

The first taper I am just watching to see how I respond and that will determine the rest of the taper. If I stabilize on a dose in a week then I will taper every 2 weeks. If it takes 2 weeks to stabilize it will be every 3 weeks and so on. I’m hoping for a taper every 2 weeks so that I can get down to 20mgs hopefully by the beginning of May. And just maybe with a bit of luck, I can taper completely off by the end of July or beginning of August which will be around a full year on Paxil which is what I was originally told would be an ideal amount of time to be on it for my 2nd go round on ADs.

Then if for some reason, I ever needed back on them, I will take that road and make that decision if the time came. Never will I let myself get to that state I was in again w/o asking for help.


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