This blog looks fucked up but eventually I will get around to make a header for it and such.

I came to quite the realization of how out of shape I am today when cleaning the house felt like a fucking marathon.  Granted I was zooming around like a mad woman, but mopping shoudn’t make your arms hurt, should it?  I don’t know… but damn, I need to get back in shape something fierce.  It makes sense though seeing the past 3 years I have been out of commission in some form…. August 2006-December 2006… basically couch ridden for months thanks to mono.  June 2007-August 2007… again basically couch ridden due to my insanity causing physical ailments.  July 2008-Sept 2008 a repeat of the previous year… and then since then, I am much lazier than normal b/c my body has essentially said fuck you.  Little bits at a time though, working on strengthening it.  I would love to one day in the not so far away future be able to ride my bike 20 miles in one day like I used to *sigh*  I do have to say though, getting a damn laptop wasn’t the best idea for stomping laziness haha.  Putting it into perspective of why I feel like I’ve gone to hell helps though instead of just thinking…. oh damn I feel apart so suddenly physically.  Uh no, guess it didn’t happen that way.  Add to that pill fat…. and oh yeah.


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