Girly Junk

A couple weeks ago I posted a minor vent on my twitter and later explained to the girls in the MLW staff forum about being an idiot and trash diving a pee stick.  I had had some weird spotting going on and decided to just pee on a stick to see if possibly anything had you know… happened.  I know it probably won’t w/o doc intervention but hope gets the best of us sometimes.

Anyways… I gave the stick about a minute to develop there was nothing there so I trashed it and of course later on decided to take another look.  Well there was a faint pink line on it but it also looked like a possible evap and since the time limit had passed I knew that is probably what it was but I figured I would test again later just to be sure.  I just thought it was super weird since I have never ever gotten an evap on a pink dye test.  Blue dye tests?  Oh yes, I’ve had a freaking evap come up on those within the time frame… but I have peed on a lot of pink tests and never an evap.

So I tested again.  Wait a good couple of minutes this time and couldn’t see anything so I figured exactly….it was an evap.  I left the test though so I could come back and look after a few more minutes just so I wouldn’t be tempted to trash dive a day later.  I *thought* I could see a little something but it was getting close to the do no read time… was it another evap?  I didn’t know.  I let the test dry a little more and a very faint but visible pink line was there but at this point it was after the do not read time.  I didn’t know wtf to think.  I mean these were 2 different tests, 2 different brands, and I’ve never gotten evaps on a pink dye test before and I get 2 in a row?  Seriously?

I was still spotting… so I waited a couple days.  Then the spotting started to pick up a little bit so I decided just to pee on another stick…just to see…. could I manage three ‘evaps’ in a row?  It was stark white.  No hint of a line… no hint of an evap.  I left it put away, waiting to see if 20 minutes later…. a few hours later… a day later I could get an evap out of it.  Nope nothing.  It was like every other negative pink test I have taken…stark white and stays that way.

Well now AF has finally come… and it is a messed up one.  I spotted for nearly the whole 2 weeks before she came… and now I’ve been bleeding for over a week.  I seriously just wonder about those tests… if something had tried to happen, but it didn’t stick.

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