Hierarchy of What Ifs

I’m kinda freestyling this one for the blog, because it is actually quite too personal to post despite the fact that I share crazy shit on the interwebz anyways.

Mostly because I had a long standing “what if”… in a part of my life that I no longer feel the need to detail or discuss.  Not because I am hiding from it, but because I dealt with it a long time ago.  Except for that “what if”.  That “what if” only remained because I was too fearful to confront it.

What ifs from the more recent past?  Oh so plentiful.

But then I asked, what would changing one do?

I always thought that if I could change one, it would be that one that always haunted me.  But now…. suddenly it doesn’t seem so important.  If somebody gave me the oppurtunity to go back and just pick one thing that I now wish I could change, it absolutely would not be that one.

It’s kinda funny looking back… the things you thought were so important, aren’t.


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