The Afterlife

I dunno what I truly believe… what happens when you die that is.  Thus so much of my fear about death I suppose.

The other day I saw a sunset that made me think about Heaven and I imagined the sky as Heaven.  I imagined it has to be something like that when you die… to go to this warm embracing comforting light and it just is amazing.  And you just become overwhelmed with peace.  Peace that we cannot know here on Earth.  And maybe we ourselves become part of the light.  Or are light.  And the light is so comforting and warm and brilliant.  And the peace is so amazing and we just never ever grow tired of it, even if it does last for all eternity.  And our loved ones are with us there in the light.

I just know that the concept of Heaven & afterlife has to be something that we can’t really totally get here on nEarth because Heaven can’t be like Earth… the afterlife can’t be like Earth… I mean it’s not like we’re gonna go shopping or have a need to buy groceries.  It has to be something beyond what we fathom.  And we are always close to God and filled with overwhelming love.

I have thought a lot about the possibility of rebirth.  In a way, it’s a scary thought because in the end I want to be off this Earth… with my Creator.  Not rebirth.  No more life lessons.  But if there is rebirth, then I hope that maybe I hae paid a lot of my dues and the next lessons will be easier.  (Wasn’t it Tupac who said my only fear of death is reincarnation.)

It has ran through my mind, what if there is nothing?  But from my learnings and my experiences, I can’t really fathom that being possible at all.  I don’t really understand how people can deny the spiritual aspects of this world.  It is so much bigger and deeper than just the concepts of heaven & hell or God or good & evil.  I don’t pretend to understand it, but I know it exists.

After Maria… there was a brilliant sunset one evening.  The sky was a brilliant orange and any clouds in the sky were glowing a golden white.  It was very heavenly looking.  There were other clouds that looked like waves and the whole scene just looked like a golden beach at sunset with the waves slowly washing in.  And amongst the “wave” clouds were the teeniest of clouds and the shape of one reminded me of a tiny canoe with a figure guiding it out into the golden sea.

I was so at peace when I witnessed this and refused to move my eyes from the sky until the tiny canoe faded away.  I imagined that she had went there, into the beautiful golden sea of light… her light… her spirit being carried there in the canoe with the light guide.  A beautiful light guide to take her from darkness to the golden beach… and then helps her…. us into the golden canoe and leads her.. us into the golden sea of light.


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